Friday, 9 September 2011

Is Men's Grooming Out Of Control?...

...I don't think so!

Right guys i thought i would share my top 5 tips for keeping that body in top knotch condition this winter!

1. We all know that washing is important but i believe using bodywash products that are made from natural ingredients give our bodies that best protection in day to day life! So throw out them chemicals and welcome 'The Body Shop' into your Bathroom!

2. I like to think that shampoo'ing and conditioning are best done seperate! I always feel the silky smoothness difference after every wash! Plus it prolongs them split ends coming as fast as they do! For this i recommend Avon Shampoo! It works wonders and it is also made from natural ingredients 

3. Keep the Knashers Clean and white by using 'Pearldrops' or 'White Glo' toothpaste and remember to Floss and Mouthwash!

4. Electrified Hair! To maintain your hairstyle i use 'Toni & Guy' Wax/Gum followed by a little hairspray, makes my hair last all day and all night! Great for those busy lifestyles!

5. Finally! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MOISTURISE! Its not just for the girls, Our skin is also capable of drying out and causing itchiness!! Again i would recommend the bodyshop for this too.

So this winter get yourself to; 'The Body Shop', 'Boots' and 'Avon' to maintain a healthy looking Fall!

~ W

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